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The LINI (Lisbon Internet and Networks Institute) is the outcome of the networking of four Portuguese research centres (CIES, ADETTI, OberCom) that have developed work in the areas of the "Network Society" in Portugal since 2003.

This interdisciplinary network combines the work carried out by more than twenty researchers from ISCTE - Lisbon University Institute and OberCom, with collaboration from a large number of bodies and individuals in the funding, surveying and documentation tasks involved in the researches.

The original research programme, started in CIES-ISCTE-IUL in 2003, and has since evolved to a joint cooperation and networking between the four institutions. Our research programme has been built around basic research, defined by the different participant institutions and their researchers. The research programme is made up of 4 research areas, all of which try to build extensive international comparative research based on international findings in each field. You can read more information on the past and ongoing research here  more




The book entitled Aftermath: The Cultures of the Economic Crisis, edited by Manuel Castells, João Caraça, and Gustavo Cardoso, a product of the Aftermath Project, will be published soon by Oxford University Press. Among the contributors is LINI researcher Pedro Jacobetty.

 Vol. 6 of the International Journal of Communication (IJoC), a special issue on Piracy Cultures, is NOW AVAILABLE, containing an article by LINI researchers.





 The book entitled "Media perspectives for the 21st Century" has been published by Routledge.

Gustavo Cardoso presented at USP, São Paulo, Brazil the talk "networks of social change" at the Centro Ruth Cardoso international seminar on 25th November, 2010.

Open Call for International Journal of Communication on "Piracy Cultures" [Special Section, submission deadline: March 2011].

Observatorio (OBS*), VOL 4 ISSUE 3, is NOW AVAILABLE.

WIP 2010 conference was held in Lisbon.

Download here a draft of the World Wide Internet book. A print version is available from the Universtity of Macau Press.

Access the report "A Utilização de Internet em Portugal 2010".

The book entitled "Democracia e Participação em Rede" is avaibable for download.



Call for Papers

IJOC Book Reviews Submissions both of english and non english written books are welcome. Please contact the review Editors at IJOC.

Observatorio (OBS*) Volume 4 (2009), Submissions are Now Open.

FLINI on facebook



Working Papers and Publications

Cardoso, G., Espanha, R., Jacobetty, P. and Lima, T., Users as Distributors: European Cinema in P2P Networks, LINI Working Paper nº7.

Espanha, Rita and Lupiáñez-Villanueva, Francisco, Health and the Internet: Autonomy of the User, LINI Working Paper nº6.

Cardoso, G. and Araújo, Vera, Out of Information and into Communication. Networked Communication and Internet Usage, LINI Working Paper nº5.

Cardoso, Gustavo; Cheong, Angus and Cole, Jeffrey (eds.) (2009), "World Wide Internet: Changing Societies, Economies and Cultures". This book was launched at the WIP and it addresses the role of Internet adoption and use in the context of social, economic and cultural transition in more than 20 countries and regions.

Cardoso, Gustavo, Roldão, V., Espanha, R. and Castro D., Enterpreneurism and Innovation in SMEs in Portugal: the COTEC SME Network, LINI Working Papers nº4.

Araújo, Vera, Cardoso, G. and Espanha, R. 2009, Social Structures in the Era of Networked Communication: Youth and the reshaping of mediation, LINI Working Papers nº3.

Mendonça, S., Cardoso, G. and Caraça J. 2008, Some Notes on the Strategic Strength of Weak Signal Analysis, LINI Working Papers nº2. 

Cardoso, G. 2008, From Mass Communication to Networked Communication: Thoughts 2.0, LINI Working Papers nº1.


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